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Dr Nadia S Afridi | Plastic Surgeon | Manhattan | New York City
Breast Augmentation Surgery | Manhattan | New York City
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Plastic Surgery Center | Manhattan | New York City
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Dr Nadia Afridi: 110 East 66th Street | New York, NY 10065 | Tel: 212-421-5100
Female Cosmetic Surgeon | Manhattan | New York City
Dr Nadia Afridi: 110 East 66th Street | New York, NY 10065 | Tel: 212-421-5100
         815 Park Ave.
         New York, NY
Breast Augmentation Surgery | Manhattan | New York City


Dr. Afridi is committed to providing her patients with individualized care tailored specifically to each person's needs, goals and expectations. She takes pride in providing one-on-one, personalized attention to her patients and feels it is important for a plastic surgeon to balance professionalism with empathy and patient-oriented care.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Afridi feels she has the insight and perspective to keenly understand the needs and wants of her patient population. She also takes the time to listen carefully to her patients in order to truly appreciate their concerns and to try to provide them with the results they want.

Breast Augmentation Surgery | Manhattan | New York CityPost-maternity Body Reshaping

Dr. Afridi has extensive sub-specialized training in the fields of breast reconstruction as well as aesthetic breast surgery including breast augmentation, secondary (revision) breast augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift). She has also trained and worked with internationally recognized specialists in the field of body contouring with a focus on post-maternity body reshaping, also called "mommy makeovers," as well as post-bariatric body contouring.

Click here for more information on Post-maternity Body Reshaping (Mommy Makeovers)


Dr. Afridi is dedicated to fulfilling the specific and unique individual needs of her patients. To accomplish this, she schedules her consultations in order to provide adequate time for patients to explain their goals and expectations as well as to conduct extensive Q & A. The office also features Mirror Image digital imaging technology so Dr. Afridi can show you how you could look after your cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Afridi does all of her own pre-operative counseling and does not leave this to a nurse or physician assistant.

Breast Augmentation Consultation: "Try on the Look"

Candidates for breast augmentation enjoy Dr. Afridi's unique interactive consultation approach: they will be able to "try on the look" and help decide on the implant size before any surgery is planned. In this way, Dr. Afridi is able to tailor the sizing to each patient's needs, balancing what is surgically possible with what the patient desires.


Call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Afridi:(212) 421- 5100

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Nadia S. Afridi, serving Manhattan and the surrounding area of New York City (NYC).

Dr. Nadia S. Afridi: 815 Park Avenue | New York, NY 10021 | Tel: 212-421-5100

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